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There is often a fine line between my fine art gallery paintings and my portraits. Requests for portraits actually started from people seeing my own children featured in my paintings and asking if they could commission me to do a painting with their family in it. Very often my paintings tell a story personal to me, or in the case of a portrait, my client.

I begin by consulting with the client what kind of mood and imagery they have in mind, traditional, softly subtle, sensual, or maybe pure fantasy. I find out what is personal to them. We then select the photos to be used, taking more if necessary. I get my clients’ approval, and they soon have a personalized painting with their loved ones as the subject.

Looking Out To Sea

Beach Tree Climbers

Kitten and Fairies

Fairy Pond

Mermaid Fairies

Dragon Boy

Sisters Tea Party


Gathering Falling Stars

Sisters Tea Party


Gathering Falling Stars





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